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Our Affiliate Program is proven to help you to earn money from integrated searches, referred searches, clicks on paid listings, as well as from referring advertisers and affiliates. Plus as an added bonus, we give a 7% commission on earnings of those affiliates and advertisers you refer.... giving you commisions on on a second tier of referrals.

SnooperClick Affiliate Program

Do you want to make money?

Put our search, results, or banners on your site and we pay you!

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Currently we are setup to pay:
- 5% percent per click-through on a paid keyword listing
 (example: 5% of a $1.00 paid listing would pay you 5¢ for each unique click)
- 1¢ per unique searchbox search from your site
- 1¢ per unique search referred from your site by banner and/or link

- From referred advertisers and/or affiliates:
1. 25¢ per new advertiser or affiliate signup
2. 10% of advertiser "paid-in" deposits
 (lifetime payouts - actual advertising funds/deposits)
3. 7% of advertisers affiliate earnings
 (lifetime payouts - 7% of what your affiliates/advertisers below you
 earn from referrals and searches)

We then apply your affiliate earnings to your SnooperClick account, which you can then use for your own keyword listings... basically free advertising just for adding SnooperClick Searches on your website and referring advertisers and other affiliates!

You may also request a payment of your affiliate revenue. To do so, click on the payment request link in your SnooperClick account manager. Make sure to indicate the amount and payment preference (check or PayPal) for your disbursement. Requests must be made by the 20th of the month with a minimum account balance of $75 or more (NOTE: signup bonuses and trial balances are excluded from available payouts)

Ways to Earn Money with SnooperClick:
1. Place Search Box on Your Site: you may place a search box, as seen on the remote search page, to send searchers directly to SnooperClick upon entering a keyword search. However, please use the code samples listed on the affiliate page of your SnooperClick Account Manager in order to get credit for your referrals.

2. Place Keyword Results on Your Site: you may place search results for specific keywords on your site, as seen on the remote search page. This option allows you to list results directly on your website for specific keywords, allowing for many pages with specific results. An example would be to list results for say 5 listings on a gift page for the keyword/phrase "gift shopping". Then on yet another page, list 3 results for automotive parts under a keyword/phrase of "auto parts stores". This is the most effective means of generating search revenue. However, please use the code samples listed on the affiliate page of your SnooperClick Account Manager in order to get credit for your referrals.

3. Refer Affiliates and Advertisers: This is the most beneficial type of income revenue you can get. You receive 10% of advertiser deposits you refer whenever they make deposits into their accounts - for life! Affiliates are also a part of this program. You receive 7% of the earnings a referred affiliate earns from referring other affilates, advertisers and unique searches - for the lifetime of the affiliate's account. Referrals can be sent from banners and links directly to the signup areas or to the main search pages. Affiliate and Advertiser referrals also come from searching with SnooperClick. Please use the code samples listed on the affiliate page of your SnooperClick Account Manager in order to get credit for your referrals.

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